Summer 2015: July12-25 English Immersion summer camp at Riordan High School is for students (boys only) aged 12 to 16 who want an inspiring learning experience that guides individuals to achieve their potential through knowledge, discovery and social responsibility. The curriculum is designed to provide English language learners with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve these goals. Our goal is for students to become successful English language learners who can use English to communicate effectively. We will enhance students understanding of the English language by immersing our students daily through enriching field trips throughout San Francisco and great bay Area. Our evening program will train students on conversational English including lectures on American culture. Students will be housed at Archbishop Riordan High School. Located in beautiful San Francisco, California our campus is just minutes away from the nation’s leaders in technology, bio medical, science, alternative energy, and finance industry. Our students will have two floors of living accommodations, modern bathrooms and living arrangements, wireless connectivity, media centers, study areas, and private dining facilities with all meals included