During the summer of 2015, Emma Willard is proud to offer a variety of options for girls. Using the facilities of this historic campus, girls can explore and challenge themselves, all within the comfort of an all-girls environment. Summer English Immersion For international girls seeking an American experience to improve their English skills. Writer's Retreat Focused on writers, the boarding program combines specialized courses, activities, and field trips. Service Learning Girls will master the true nature and process of Service Learning as they collaborate on an experience designed to explore the five Service Learning stages. Outdoor ED-Venture For girls looking for exciting and informative adventure while exploring the Capital Region's natural beauty on carefully designed outings. Rosie's Girls Rosie’s Girls, offers girls instruction in carpentry, automotive repair, masonry and other non-traditional trades. MathEMMAticians This program will refresh critical pre-algebra skills, preparing participants for success as they dive into high school algebra classes!